Barents Sea

Strict quota regulations and limited quantity allows for the finest quality of crab. Straight from the depths of the Barents sea, one of the last seas untouched by pollution.

The Vessel

Tromsbas is the largest and most advanced crab vessel currently in the World. This provides benefits such as the opportunity to have the processing on-site, allowing us to cook, freeze and package within minutes after catch.


The moment we raise the bait, the crab is sorted into conveyors. On the way to the factory on-site. We are ready to get rid of bacteria and cleanse the crab.


From conveyor belts straight into industrial cookers that keeps the crab in a boil. A process necessary for the product to be preserved frozen whilst keeping its fantastic texture, sweet taste and moisture. 


The the crab is rid of most bacteria and finished boiling for an optimum amount of time. Now it's sent to industrial freezers and the crab is brought to subzero temperatures and back onto a different conveyor.


We're now ready to sort the crab and package it into freeze containers ready and kept at freezing points until it's ready to be brought onto the plane and to your door.

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