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"Deepwater Norwegian Snow Crab"


Our deepwater caught snow crab is clean and free of dark spots or other flaws and appears as the day it was caught fresh off the boat.

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our product


L4/L5 + grade

All clusters weigh in at a minimum 300 grams up to 548 grams

10+ oz                                                                     300g+

Meat fill 87% at a minimum   -            Standard 93% +

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All measurements are in centimeters (cm)

Length: 48

Width: 31 

Height: 18

Ready for your freezers and storage up to 580 days

Net-weight: 9,07 kg (meat)


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  • Energy                                      301 kJ / 72 kcal

  • Fat                                             1 g

  • - whereas saturated              1 g

  • Carbohydrates                        1 g

  • - wheras sugars equals         1 g

  • Protein                                      22 g

  • Salt                                            0.32 g

98% claw - heated and shell expanded for

our product


We offer shipping anywhere in the world either by ship or plane - if time is of the essence our partners at SAS will get your crab to you in 24 hours from time of order. 

If there is no rush - a more economical and sustainable way would be our partners at DBschenker.

As for land transport - and local freight we have different viable options inlands Norway such as Bring and Glacio