from the untouched barents





Wherever you might reside in the world, and whether you are a retail chain, a head-chef at a Michellin renounced restaurant or a local shop.

We respect that time is an important factor for our customers and businesses, while we also believe that food is personal. 

Barentine will do their utmost to ensure that you as a customer feel that we, deem your time appreciated and wishes valued. 


By working together with logistics partners such as DHL, FedEx and DB schenker to ensure that our crab finds its route to You in the fastest, most reliable, safest and environmental means. 

what makes us different?

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world's largest

crab vessel


You can feel proud to announce that the crab you're selling in your store, or the one you're about to introduce to your restaurant visitors is coming straight from the largest and most advanced fleets of crab vessels. 

Unlike any other, many of the Norwegian fleets were recently renovated and re-purposed with the sole intention of catching and processing opilio snow crab in the Barents sea.

 and Were repurposed for the intention of providing the rest of the world with the best snow crab there is while maintaining sustainable fishing and new approaches for safekeeping of the ecosystem.  


Which should enforce our belief - what we believe to be a new era in snow crab fishing, in the Barent sea. 


why it matters..

appreciated in taste and proportions

With the equipment the Norwegian fleet is invested with, we can quickly sort out the crab to meet specific requirements. 

This in combination with the large quanta of available crab in the ocean, paired with the opposite effect of a low-allowed quota for fishing.

Allows us to only fish for specific measurements and other quality important factors such as meat fill %, top-grade clusters 10-16oz / 300-450 gram which yields high meat to shell weight at 40%+

To read more about the specific catching process,number crunching, and how we have precise measures so that no cluster ever misses a single leg among other quality requirements -  you're welcome to click this button below.


a unique process


After the crab has been caught and brought onboard, highly experienced fishermen sorts it by quality. Read more


Only crab which meets specific measurements and requirements is sent down the conveyor and onto industrial State-of-the-art boilers and freezers. Read more


Once the crab is purified in the boiling process and brought to -18C it is now ready to be carefully packaged into thermal insulated bags and into shipping containers. Read more


The crab will be kept at an ideal -18C for the remainder of the trip. Once it reaches shore, our colleagues stand by waiting to load it onto freezer-trucks and to the transportation method of your choice. Read more