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Wherever you might reside in the world, and whether you are a retail chain, a head-chef at a Michellin renounced restaurant or a local shop.

We respect that time is an important factor for our customers and businesses, while we also believe that food is personal. 

Barentine will do their utmost to ensure that you as a customer feel that we, deem your time appreciated and wishes valued. 


By working together with logistics partners such as DHL, FedEx and DB schenker, we ensure that our crab finds its route to You in the fastest, most reliable, safest and environmental means. 

decades of experience..


Getting the most delicate and colossal snow crab in the world is not a walk in the park.

The Norwegian fleet has throughout its lifetime accumulated multiple decades out in the ocean. Its captains are no strangers to the seas, and keeping their head sharp and the compass clear is a necessity whilst faring in the Barent Sea in search for Opilio.

The part in which the crab is caught experiences extremely harsh weather and extreme conditions. Ice rain, subzero temperatures and unforgiving waves is not an unusual sight. 

Catching Snow crab in the Barents is quite different from the ones caught in Alaska and Greenland considering most of the crab here is caught at depths below 500 meters, whereas it's caught closer to shore on a more shallow seabed in above mentioned oceans. 


humble beginnings



If any city, it had to be this one. 

The city is a relatively unfamiliar name, but to people who have heard about fishing in Norway or ever wanted to visit the famous northern lights. Most likely have heard about Tromsø. 

It inhabits the largest fishing port in Norway, and is known for its trades and export of premium seafood to the rest of the planet. 

The city centre of Tromsø contains the highest number of old wooden houses in Northern Norway, the oldest house dating from 1789. The city is a cultural centre for its region, with several festivals taking place in the summer. 

It's safe to say that fishing is in the veins of the natives, and is no different to our sailors.

caring for the ocean


Secondary to fishing, the University of Tromsø is a center for Arctic research.

Just in the past three years they have done wide-spread research on Snow crab in the Barent Sea. Its inheritance and how it got here, ways it has impacted our ecosystem for existing sea creatures in the ocean and new innovative solutions to efficient catching such as using light to lure crab into the traps.

This not only increases the catch, but also the quality as we're able to keep the traps on the seabed for shorter amount of time, reducing the time the crab is foodless. 
We will continously work with the Marine Research Institute and contribute in any way we can with samples and boarding.


We're just as caring to the ecosystem, as it's important not to bite the hand in which you feed from.


Barents Sea

Strict quota regulations and limited quantity allows for the finest quality of crab. Straight from the depths of the Barents sea, one of the last seas untouched by pollution.

The Vessel's

At Barentine we want you to feel confident that the strictest quality requirements are being followed.

Full transparency to important elementals such as grading, colour, shell hardness and others. A safe, and cooperative partnership.


The moment we raise the bait, the crab is sorted into conveyors. On the way to the factory on-site. We are ready to get rid of bacteria and cleanse the crab.


From conveyor belts straight into industrial cookers that keeps the crab in a boil. A process necessary for the product to be preserved frozen whilst keeping its fantastic texture, sweet taste and moisture. 


The the crab is rid of most bacteria and finished boiling for an optimum amount of time. Now it's sent to industrial freezers and the crab is brought to subzero temperatures and back onto a different conveyor.


We're now ready to sort the crab and package it into freeze containers ready and kept at freezing points until it's ready to be brought onto the plane and to your door.